City Liquors - Lifting up their Spirits

City Liquors, in Cambridge (U.S.A) provide you with the best selection of spirits, wine, beer, whiskey, vodka and more with friendly and helpful service at fair prices.

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The Liquor Challenge

In the online world which is quickly becoming saturated with liquor delivery business, it’s critical to differentiate your brand. And this was exactly the problem faced by City Liquors. With so many online liquor stores, it became difficult for them to hold on to existing customers, forget attracting new customers. So they reached out to us in order to retain their existing clientele.

Our Customer-Centric Approach

Using our online marketing tools and solutions, we devised a plan for City Liquors to engage their existing customers with their liquor products. Our smart measurement and monitoring tools helped City Liquors track valuable qualitative and quantitative information taken from their customers. The results thus generated made City Liquors aware about how their customers felt about their products and services. They soon realised that their liquor consumers want to reach out on social media, ask questions, and seek answers.

The Result

The tools developed by PromptSeller thus helped City Liquors to actively pursue existing online customers, send them push notifications, promote products through email marketing thus constantly staying in touch with them. There was a remarkable increase in sales after just a month of using our services.