Daggett’s Liquors - Happiness a Drink

Daggett’s Liquors, U.S.A is a popular online liquor package store with some of the best collection of drinks spirits, wine, vodka, whiskey, beer, and more; delivering them to local customers.

The Delivery Challenge

With the advent of so many online liquor orders, quick and safe delivery is very essential to stay ahead of competitors. But South Yarmouth, despite its fine collection of drinks and great deals lacked behind in delivery to customers. On studying their store profile, we found that they had a poor delivery concept in place - delays in processing orders, low turnaround time, lagging behind delivery schedules, and more. This is when we were approached and came into the picture.

Our Timely Approach

We at PromptSeller spent time observing and understand Daggett’s Liquors operations right from customers' online ordering process to the final delivery at their doorstep. We found they catered to many events and party orders which meant high volume. For large orders, we recommended them to use our email and phone services to allow customers to directly contact their stores at the earliest. Next, to ensure customer's orders were delivered in a timely manner, Daggett’s Liquors used our online delivery dashboard. With our package tracker, customers can track their order status online at all times.

The Result

With our reliable delivery service, we helped Daggett’s Liquors to ship anywhere locally- in a quick and secured manner. Their delivery logistics were taken care of by us thus reducing the turnaround time from the placing of the order to delivery of the product. Their party orders soared up within a short span of time. Daggett’s Liquors is now available for urgent orders too. Their customers are happy now.